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Received a Letter From our Office 
And Have Questions?

Here Are Some Common Answers

If you received a letter from that includes a Limited Power of Attorney, it could be funds owed to you, your business, or a relative. For the CPA to represent you, the Government Disbursement Department requires you to sign and date our agreement (Limited Power of Attorney) and provide verification of your identity. This requires a current Federally issued photo ID. For example, driver’s license, Military ID, or Passport. You may also have a notary verify your identity and send in the Notarized Statement that was included in our correspondence.


How do I know this is not a scam??
There are many scams that people are propositioned with every day. We want you to feel totally secure and aware of our company before you send anything in the mail. You can verify our firm with the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. You can also verify our Firm with at which is the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations. We are also Credentialed with Better Business Bureau of West Florida
How did this money get turned over to the government?
If money is held by a Company or Government Entity, the Company must make an effort to return the money to you. Sometimes, the Company is unable to locate you or verify your identity to ensure it is returned to the proper owner. As a Florida Law requirement, your funds are turned over to the government as unclaimed property. These Trust Funds have accrued mostly from matured, abandoned, financial institutions, insurance a policies, deposits held on account, or disbursed securities and trust holdings. Even financial intuitions must turnover safe deposit box assets from abandoned deposit boxes. The value of those contents are returned to the owner of the safe deposit box.
Are you sure there are no out-of-pocket costs to me?
Yes, we never ask you to pay us any money from your pocket. We are a Representative of the State of Florida. Our fee for processing your claim is remitted to us directly from the State of Florida. Within the Limited Power of Attorney, our fee is disclosed to you. You authorize a deduction from the account balance. The remaining balance is remitted directly to you. Therefore, if we are unsuccessful in recovering your funds, there is no fee from our office. We will never ask you for money or reimbursement


Why Use A State Representative?
We are trained and understand what is required to recover your money for you. The claim process can be difficult and time consuming. Our expertise and professional understanding elimiantes the red tape of the government processes. We know all the requirements and work deligently and fast to send you your monies ASAP.
How is the Limited Power of Attorney used?
A Limited Power of Attorney allows us to represent you for your claim. It only allows us to represent you to the State of Florida regarding the property accounts listed. We can not use the Limited Power of Attorney to represent you in any other matter or legal scenerio.
How do you validate my identity?
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I do not have any Federally Issued ID?
You may used the Notarized Sworn Statement. If you do not have a valid ID or your ID is expired, you can use a Notarized Sworn Statement. If you are a power of attorney or a legal guardian trying to assist someone in claiming funds, you can use an Affidavit Attesting to Claimants Identity. Call our office and we can provide this document to you.
Why are you contacting me?
Our firm works to assist individuals and businesses in the return their property and money. Correspondence is sent to those people whom we believe may be entitled to money held in the State Trust Account. This money can be entitled to you directly or as an beneficiary/heir to an Estate. If your letter contained A Limited Power of Attorney, we have determined that you may have entitlement to the money.
I received your letter, what do I do next?
It is simple process for you for us to get started returning your funds. Sign and date the Agreement. Make a photocopy of your current identification. Then mail these two things in the return envelope provided.


Can I fax or e-mail my Agreement?
To process the Claim, our office must recieve an Original and signed Limited Power of Attorney.
How long will it take to receive my refund?
It normally takes between 45 to 90 days to receive your Certified check from the State of Florida Disbursement Department.
Do I need to appear in Court or Pay Taxes on What I Receive?
No You do not appear in court.  There are no court appearances.  

Additionally, there are no taxes to be paid in the amount received.
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