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4 Common Tax Return Mistakes That Could Get You in Trouble with the IRS

Wednesday, January 03, 2024

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Blog Summary: Unraveling the 4 Common Tax Return Mistakes That Could Attract the IRS

As taxpayers dive into the tax filing season, many are opting for a DIY approach, taking control of their tax returns. However, this seemingly empowering move comes with its own set of pitfalls—common tax filing mistakes. While tax preparation software reduces the likelihood of errors, it can't eliminate all potential problems and human error.

Before hitting that 'send' button on your tax return, a second or third look is imperative. Spotting and rectifying these common mistakes is your best defense against unwanted encounters with the IRS. In this blog, we delve into the four tax return mistakes that could potentially land you in trouble.

#1. Transposed Numbers:

Entering figures incorrectly, like transposing numbers, might seem like an innocent mistake, but to the IRS, it could raise suspicions. Double-check every digit to avoid potential delays, flags, or even audits. Tax software can catch some errors but may miss transposed figures.

#2. Misspelled Names:

Simple misspellings or transposing Social Security numbers might seem minor, but they can cause significant issues. Ensure accurate details for dependents, double-checking names, ages, and Social Security numbers. Don't assume that information transfers automatically from prior returns.

#3. Missing Social Security Numbers:

Forgetting to include vital information like Social Security numbers can lead to delays and complications. Don't rely solely on tax prep software; manually check and confirm your Social Security number and your spouse's before filing.

#4. Not Reporting All Income or Excessive Deductions:

Failure to report all income or artificially inflating deductions can trigger IRS attention. Keep meticulous records of all income sources and report them accurately. Resist the temptation to overstate deductions; honesty is key in filing returns correctly.

If you find yourself facing IRS trouble, especially if they claim you owe $10,000 or more, our tax resolution firm offers a free, confidential consultation to explore your options fully. Visit for assistance.

Remember, it's not the software's role to dictate deductions; it's the taxpayer's responsibility to file honestly. Don't let common mistakes become major issues—take proactive steps to ensure a trouble-free tax season.

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