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Our Services

OnPoint Tax Relief

At OnPoint Tax Relief Services, we specialize in resolving IRS problems with precision and expertise. Our dedicated team of experts understands the complexities of tax-related challenges. Whether you're facing audits, tax liens, or wage garnishments, we craft customized solutions tailored to your situation.

With our strategic approach and in-depth knowledge, we alleviate your IRS worries, ensuring you regain financial peace of mind. Trust OnPoint for expert tax relief services, resolving your IRS problems with efficiency and care

Refund CPA

Unlock hidden assets with our unclaimed property services. We specialize in locating and recovering forgotten funds, ensuring you receive what's rightfully yours.

Our expert team navigates complex regulations, providing efficient and transparent solutions. Reclaim your lost assets effortlessly, with personalized attention and unmatched expertise. Let us help you recover your unclaimed property today.

7 Pillars of Financial Success

Expert wealth building secrets meet your financial goals. With our proven strategies, we navigate the complex world of finance, guiding you toward financial freedom.

From smart investments to tax optimization, we unlock the doors to wealth creation. Join us in your journey to secure, sustainable prosperity. Let's build your legacy together.

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CEO Certified Life

Elevate your leadership journey with our Certified CEO Course. Designed for aspiring executives and entreprenuers. This comprehensive program offers expert-led training, strategic insights, and hands-on skills to hone your CEO potential.

Master leadership techniques, decision-making, and corporate strategy. Join us to gain a certified edge, unlocking your path to successful executive leadership.

The Entrepreneur's
7 Pillars of Financial Success

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Do you want to be at your peak of your financial prowess, making money work for YOU! Imagine mastering the art of wealth creation, tax reduction strategies, and entrepreneurial brilliance. It’s not a fantasy; it’s your next reality, and we are here to guide you every step of the way.”


Entrepreneur's Bussiness Growth

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Empowering entrepreneurs with tailored solutions, our servicing platform is designed to fuel your business ambitions. Whether you're launching a startup or scaling your venture, our expert services cater to your unique needs.

We specialize in comprehensive tax reduction strategies, ensuring you keep more of your hard-earned money. From financial planning and marketing strategies to operational efficiency, we provide the tools and expertise essential for entrepreneurial success. Transform your vision into reality with our dedicated support and optimized tax solutions.

OnPoint Futures, Inc. (501c3)

At OnPoint Futures, Inc., our 501(c)(3) status powers our commitment to meaningful change. With a steadfast focus on social impact, we leverage our non-profit designation to drive transformative initiatives.

Through community engagement, educational programs, and charitable efforts, we are dedicated to shaping a brighter future. Join us in making a difference, as we create positive ripples of change together

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